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Therapy Is For Everyone...Even Therapists!

A lot of emotions can come up when you think about starting therapy. Maybe you feel like doing therapy is a sign of weakness or maybe you're worried that it won't work. But did you know that many therapists working in mental health seek therapy for themselves? It may seem like mental health therapists wouldn't need therapy because they have their life all together, but therapists are people, too, with real, everyday struggles, like yours. I will be the first to admit that life is hard, and I need all the tools and strategies I can get! And even with all the knowledge and experience that comes with being a mental health professional, I still find myself struggling with the same things at times; it's just part of the human experience. So I find it helpful to have my own therapist that can offer suggestions as well as provide an alternative perspective on things that I’m doing and experiencing.

There are two sayings that I always tell my clients and anyone else who is struggling. First, healthy people get help. And second, if you always do what you always do, you’ll always get what you always get. Changing what you do is a necessary part of creating meaningful change in your life. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to change. And even when you know what to change, it can be even harder to actually do it. That’s where support can be extremely valuable. A therapist can help you identify what changes would help move you in the right direction and a therapist can also help provide the support, guidance, and accountability you need to take the first steps and continue putting one foot in front of the other, moving in a direction that adds meaning and value to your life.

Another value I find in therapy, despite my education and experience in mental health, is the opportunity for self-reflection. Sometimes it’s just a matter of saying something out loud that makes your light bulb turn on. When our thoughts are stuck in our head, it’s sometimes harder for us to hear what we’re thinking about. And when we’re caught up in our thoughts, we aren’t really paying much attention to what’s happening right in front of us, and we easily miss out on many aspects of our life. So if you’ve been thinking about therapy, I would encourage you to get connected with someone today, regardless of how you’re feeling about it, because this just might be the thing that helps you get back on track! And remember, therapy is important for everyone.

If you're wondering how to find a therapist, Psychology Today is a good starting point. Here, you can see pictures (and sometimes also videos) of therapists, read about the type of therapy they offer, and see what kinds of issues they can help with. All of this information can help you determine which therapist (and type of therapy) might be the best fit for you.


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Donald Kelly Jr
Donald Kelly Jr
١٣ يونيو ٢٠٢٣

This information is so necessary. I believe a lot of people do not always connect that "professionals" (in most fields) are still human and need the necessary tools to continue living a productive and fulfilling life.

الرد على

Well said, DJ!

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